Play around with most dangerous device


9:00 Participants arrive

9:15 An initial brief for the participants

9:45 Chief Guest arrives

10:00 The Event kicks off

11:00 Title Sponsor/Premium Partners Speak

11:30 Technology Companies Share Challenges and Inspirations

Showcasing by Dr. Siddik-E-Rabbani (medical equipments) and Dr. Abdur Razzak (anti-Driver distraction) Participants Start The show by picking their hardware

1:00 Lunch Break

2:00 Participants return to coding/making

5:00 The Hackathon continues

8:00 Day 1 ends

10:00 Participants and Guests for the Day Arrive

11:00 Mentors Roam Around

11:30 Energy Session

12:00 Participants are back to building

4:00 In-house mentoring for the ones who want it

6:00 Meet the Stars Session

7.30 Participants take their Slots for Day 3 Demo Day

9:00 Participants Arrive

5:00 Judges arrive

5:30 Demo Begins

7:30 Demo Ends

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